SIGGRAPH '18- ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

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1000 cut journey

Achieving racial justice requires that we understand racism. One may espouse beliefs of racial justice and equality, but fail to truly understand the nature of racial inequality. In this immersive virtual reality experience, the viewer becomes Michael, a black man, encountering racism as a young child, adolescent, and young adult.

A show of kindness

A Show of Kindness is a previously unreleased three-act VR experience through which the user navigates an unfolding story frozen in time, crafted with meticulous detail by concept artist Peter Chan using a custom build of Tilt Brush.


"Aeronaut" is one of the first music experiences to feature a hologram created with Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture. This technology was used to capture Billy Corgan's performance in volumetric video. In this experience users are able to connect with the artist and interact with the world around them.

Augmented reality task guidance for international space station stowage operations

Built at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) and Columbia University and tested in JSC's full-scale mockup of the International Space Station (ISS), StowageApp is a prototype for the future of conducting cargo operations in space. StowageApp dynamically guides astronauts as they complete stowage tasks, packing and unpacking cargo.

Anim VR

AnimVR allows users to animate, integrate and share animated assets in Virtual Reality, revolutionizing traditional 3D content production. In AnimVR we leverage the possibilities of VR to enhance the CG Animation pipeline both by translating traditional animation workflows to VR as well as by exploring new ways to tell stories.

Augmented reality game with unique semi-transmissive rendering method

This AR game project introduces unique non-photorealistic & real-time rendering methods developed to enhance optical consistency. Through this, seamless blending of virtual and physical content on mobile devices is achieved. Using wireless controllers with muscle displacement sensor, players can move about freely and perform various actions. Multiplayer compatible (WIP).

Becoming homeless: a human experience

In this immersive virtual reality experience, spend days in the life of someone who can no longer afford a home. Attempt to save your home and to protect yourself and your belongings as you walk in another's shoes, facing the adversity of living with diminishing resources.

Broadcast AR

BroadcastAR is our large scale, interactive cinematic augmented reality experience. Viewers have the power to gesture control the movement of characters within their experience, creating vibrant crowd engagement. Our BroadcastAR platform has been installed on both indoor and outdoor LED/ projected systems, ranging from retail to museums.


Transform into fantastical female warriors in this social virtual reality experience; Six people can band together to battle evil in this epic journey of empowerment, all orchestrated to the song "Chorus" by Justice.

Collaborative exploration of urban data in virtual and augmented reality

From emergency planning to real estate, many domains can benefit from collaborative exploration of urban environments in VR and AR. We have created an interactive experience that allows multiple users to explore live datasets in context of an immersive scale model of the urban environment with which they are related.

Coral VR

Coral is an interactive fractal explorer. Dive into the procedural art piece to enjoy the power and beauty of mathematics visualized in virtual reality. It was initially a passion project at Framestore that is now in public beta.

Crow: the legend

Crow: The Legend is a re-telling of a Native American folk tale about a bird with the most dazzling plumage and mellifluous voice, who, after the planet turns dark and cold, must journey far from home to bring light and warmth back to the world.


Cycles is a VR short film centered around the true meaning of creating a home and the life it holds inside it's walls.

Demonstration of gaze-aware video streaming solutions for mobile VR

This demo features Smart Eye-tracking Enabled Networking (SEEN), a novel content delivery method for optimizing 360-video streaming. SEEN relies on eye-gaze information from novel 5G-networked eye-trackers to stream high-quality, in real-time, only in proximity of fixations points. SEEN technology is developed in a joint project between KTH, Tobii and Ericsson.

Elastic time

Mixed reality documentary about space-time narrated by astronomer Tony Stark. Your own holographic body is captured and integrated in real time into a telescope room. You bend space and time to your will, creating black-holes, worm-holes and time portals. This volumetric documentary is powered by IMVERSE proprietary voxel-based graphics engine.

ELI in VR: embodied limbic interaction for piloting a virtual hang-glider

A head-mounted display, a stationary control bar, and a limbic chair allow for a user to pilot a hang-glider in VR.

Fire escape: an interactive series

When the clock strikes eight in Brooklyn, a suspenseful drama begins to unfold in real time. Audiences can interact and peer into the lives of eight disenfranchised tenants entangled in a murder, and must embrace their voyeuristic tendencies in this rich and unique interactive series to reveal a gripping truth.

Home: a VR spacewalk

REWIND collaborated with BBC Studios Digital, BBC Studios Science, and BBC Learning to create an epic 15-minute immersive virtual reality experience. Home's ambition as a piece of VR is to combine a strong narrative and sense of drama with the incredible impact possible in an immersive experience.

I am a man' virtual experience

The "I Am a Man" VR Experience is an interactive virtual reality experience set to the historic events of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Users will witness the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Worker's Strike and the events leading to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

IKEA immerse interior designer

IKEA Immerse is available in select IKEA stores in Germany. This application enables consumers to create, experience, and share their own configurations in a virtual living and kitchen room set. With seamless e-commerce integration, a high level of detail, and real-time interaction, the VR experience represents an engaging, valuable touch-point.

Multiplayer augmented reality: the future is social, presented by niantic

We take AR to the next level by enabling multiple mobile devices to experience the same AR objects in real-time! Watch people play pong against each other, where the ball and paddles exist in AR for all users. Shared AR experiences is essential for keeping AR mainstream in the future.

Museum of symmetry

Museum of Symmetry, a refreshing and uplifting burst of artistic expression takes the player through earth, fire, wind, and water, disrupts conventional game storytelling to create a unique experience about our relationship to nature and to ourselves.

Queerskins: a love story

In this haptic cinematic VR experience, a diary and a box of belongings offers you and a devoutly Catholic mother living in rural Missouri in 1990 a chance to know Sebastian, the estranged son she has lost to AIDS. How will you choose to reconstruct him and his life?

Sherpa: the helping hands of the himalaya

Four players start a journey helping their tourists climb a mountain. During the game, they receive support from real Sherpas, who also tell stories about their daily life. A journey about exploring and getting to know the local culture, on a plexiglass installation combining VR technology and projection mapping.

The AI powered magic mirror: building immersive AR/VR experiences with only webcams and deep learning

wrnch uses AI to teach webcams to read human body language. The wrnch Magic Mirror enables people to walk up to ordinary TV monitors and beamed into cyberspace. From this digitization, users can see themselves as a variety of avatars including a virtual motion capture artist and digital chicken.

The gallery: episode 2: heart of the emberstone

After receiving your Gauntlet, a mysterious new power in the palm of your hand, you must travel to Ember, a long-forgotten world whose past holds many secrets. Enter the groundbreaking puzzle-exploration game inspired by the mystery of dark 80's fantasy adventure films.

Vacation simulator

Vacation Simulator is the new original virtual reality game from Owlchemy Labs. First you JOBBED, now you VACATION. Visit Vacation Island and experience RECREATION, optimal RELAXATION, and classic human pastimes like SUNBURN. Vacation Island offers all this and more so that you can discover the lost art of TIME OFF.

Virtual reality ulm experience

We were the first team to develop a 3D world for the Birdly VR flight simulator. Users explore the city of Ulm in 1890 and the world's highest cathedral, the Ulm Minster, from a bird's perspective. This experience features the city and the art of flying in an unique way.

VIVO lifelike reactive characters for VR

Characters are the true soul of any story. Using our proprietary tech VIVO we create VR characters who are not only believable but amazingly responsive and real. VIVO turns character interactions into powerfully immersive, natural experiences. Designed from the ground up to build the next-gen VR movies and games.


Voyage is a multiuser mobile virtual reality (VR) experience for Google Daydream that allows students to go on virtual field trips in which they immersively explore a deciduous forest biome. The experience is designed to be undertaken in a middle-school classroom and facilitated by a teacher using a tablet computer.

We AR sight: an open source augmented reality wearable device to assist visually impaired individuals

As the field of Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality progressed, very few inexpensive solutions to augment the reality of the visually impaired have been witnessed. We present an interactive demonstration of open-source augmented reality wearable device that assists visually impaired individuals by providing them with smart vision via auditory feedback.

Welcome to light fields

Light Fields let us experience freedom of motion and realistic reflections and translucence like never before in VR. Explore the Gamble House, Mosaic Tile House, and Space Shuttle Discovery. These navigable light field stills showcase the emerging technology Google is using to power its next generation of VR content.

Wolves in the walls: chapter 1

Not everything is at it seems when 8-year-old Lucy's imagination proves to be a reality. Wolves in the Walls is an immersive-fable that asks the question: What would it be like to interact, have a relationship, and go on a quest with a character inside a virtual reality movie?