SA '17- SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Emerging Technologies

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

3D communication system using slit light field

Computational foresight: realtime forecast of human body motion

CoVAR: a collaborative virtual and augmented reality system for remote collaboration

Demonstration of the unphotogenic light: protection from secret photography by small cameras

Egoscanning: quickly scanning first-person videos with egocentric elastic timelines

Enhanced shadow play with neural networks

Hapbelt: haptic display for presenting vibrotactile and force sense using belt-winding mechanism

Interactive midair odor control via ultrasound-driven air flow

Magic table: deformable props using visuo haptic redirection

Mobius walker: pitch and roll redirected walking

OptRod: operating multiple various actuators simultaneously by projected images

Sharedsphere: MR collaboration through shared live panorama

Swinging 3D lamps: a projection technique to create 3D illusions on a static 2D image

Tangible UI by object and material classification with radar

Telewheelchair: a demonstration of the intelligent electric wheelchair system towards human-machine

Thermoreality: thermally enriched head mounted displays