SA '17- SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Mobile Graphics & Interactive Applications

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SESSION: Mobile graphics

ProsumerFX: mobile design of image stylization components

Real-time face relighting via adaptive normal mapping

Effective ray tracing of large 3D scenes through mobile distributed computing


6DoF input for hololens using vive controller

Applying rotational tracking and photospherical imagery to immersive mobile telepresence and live video streaming groupware

AR social continuum: representing social contacts

Bot3D editor, easy 3D computer character animation editor for smartphones and tablets

Exhibition approach using an AR and VR pillar

fingerT9: leveraging thumb-to-finger interaction for one-handed text entry on smartwatches

Mobile augmented reality illustrations that entertain and inform with the hololens

Multi-scale gestural interaction for augmented reality

Pictory - neural style transfer and editing with coreML

Spatial display system for designing live audiovisual content


Mixed reality collaboration through sharing a live panorama

Using visual and spatial cues to represent social contacts in AR

Exploring enhancements for remote mixed reality collaboration

Static local environment capturing and sharing for MR remote collaboration

SESSION: Industry cases


Mom's tray: real-time dietary monitoring system

Duopography: using back-of-device multi-touch input to manipulate spatial data on mobile tangible interactive topography

Automated enabling of head mounted display using gaze-depth estimation

PANEL SESSION: Industry cases

Challenges in user experience design of image filtering apps

Mobile augmented reality illustrations that entertain and inform: design and implementation issues with the hololens

Mobile previsualization using augmented reality: a use case from film production

SESSION: Mobile interactive

Mobile metric capture and reconstruction in indoor environments

Design of a wearable system for 3D data acquisition and reconstruction for tree climbers

Enhanced engagement with public displays through mobile phone interaction

Application of beacon technology for enhanced customer engagement in insurance companies