SA '17- SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Posters

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SESSION: Animation

User pose estimation based on multiple depth sensors

Liquid wetting across porous anisotropic textiles

4D computed tomography measurement for growing plant animation

Motion sickness simulation based on sensorimotor control

SESSION: Hardware

Real-time temporal quality compensation technique for head mounted displays

Multi-DOF 3D printing with visual surveillance

Aerial image on retroreflective particles

Aerial light-field image augmented between you and your mirrored image

A proposal for wearable controller device and finger gesture recognition using surface electromyography

Improvement of a finger-mounted haptic device using surface contact

SESSION: Imaging and video

Seamless video scene transition using hierarchical graph cuts

Style-oriented representative paintings selection

A deep convolutional neural network for continuous zoom with dual cameras

An application of a halftone pattern coding in augmented reality

Subtitle positioning for e-learning videos based on rough gaze estimation and saliency detection

Estimating the simulator sickness in immersive virtual reality with optical flow analysis

SESSION: Interaction

Mistflow: a fog display for visualization of adaptive shape-changing flow

Prototyping digital signage systems with high-low tech interfaces

DupRobo: an interactive robotic platform for phyiscal block-based autocompletion

Tactile Braille learning system to assist visual impaired users to learn Taiwanese Braille

User interface applications in desktop VR using a mirror metaphor

Deformation simulation based on model reduction with rigidity sampling

Perception adjustment for egocentric moving distance between real space and virtual space with see-closed-type HMD

Dualboard: integrated user interface between typing and handwriting

Spin and roll: convex solids of revolution as playful interface

Natural interaction for media consumption in VR environment

Exploring mixed-scale gesture interaction

SESSION: Methods and applications

An image generation system of delicious food in a manga style

DeepHolo: recognizing 3D objects using a binary-weighted computer-generated hologram

Affordable system for measuring motion-to-photon latency of virtual reality in mobile devices

Visualization and labeling of point clouds in virtual reality

Mitsudomoe: ecosystem simulator of virtual creatures in mixed reality petri dish

Haptic marionette: wrist control technology combined with electrical muscle stimulation and hanger reflex

Sketch2normal: deep networks for normal map generation

Improved and accessible e-book reader application for visually impaired people

SESSION: Modeling

Polyhedral meshes with concave faces

Spring-pen: reproduction of any softness with the 3D printed spring

Bidirectional pyramid-based PMVS with automatic sky masking

Smartsweep: context-aware modeling on a single image

SESSION: Multimedia

A fast and efficient content aware downscaling based image compression method for mobile devices

Automatic generation of visual-textual web video thumbnail

Aesthetic temporal and spatial editing of casual videos

Content-based measure of image set diversity

SESSION: Rendering

Spatial multisampling and multipass occlusion testing for screen space shadows

Importance sampling measured BRDFs based on second order spherical moment

Silk fabricator: using silkworms as 3D printers

Eyeshine rendering: a real time rendering method for realistic animal eyes

Method for quantitative evaluation of the realism of CG images using deep learning

SESSION: Virtual environments

Emotion induction in virtual environments: a novel paradigm using immersive scenarios in driving simulators

Marker-less real-time tracking of texture-less 3D objects from a monocular image

A spatial user interface design using accordion metaphor for VR systems

Room VR: a VR therapy game for children who fear the dark

VR lighting design

O-Displaying: an orientation-based augmented reality display on a smart glass with a user tracking from a depth camera

Immersive VR environment for architectural design education

SESSION: Visualization

Data Jalebi bot

Speech balloon system using single-channel microphone array on see-through head-mounted display