SA '17- SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Symposium on Education

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SESSION: Education papers

Getting up your nose: a virtual reality education tool for nasal cavity anatomy

Teaching virtual reality with HTC vive and leap motion

Brief review of video games in learning & education how far we have come

Human capital development through innovation design education

SESSION: Education talks

What does the Riemann sphere's axis stand for?: understanding the big picture of how mathematical functions behave

Engaging the invisible

SeLL: second language learning paired with VR and AI

Engaging maker culture with digital prototyping

Memorise chinese characters better with arithmetic graphical strategy

WORKSHOP SESSION: Education workshops

Game design workshop: cultivating creativity from constraint

SESSION: Education special sessions

Before and after AR/VR: empowering paradigm shifts in education

Campus Asia Korea-China-Japan student open collaboration project: animation co-work and VR cubic workshop

Girls in STEM: investigating the reasons that too few female students enter technical fields

Augmented realty as virtual design interface