SA '17- SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Symposium on Visualization

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SESSION: Visual data mining

Mining probabilistic color palettes for summarizing color use in artwork collections

Visual exploration of ionosphere disturbances for earthquake research

Mining and visualizing eye movement data

Visual exploration of mainframe workloads

SESSION: Visual reasoning

Factorlink: a visual analysis tool for sales performance management

Visual analytics of brain effective connectivity using convergent cross mapping

A multi-layered visualization language for video augmentation

A visual causal exploration framework case study: a torrential rain and a flash flood in Kobe city

SESSION: Volume rendering

CPU volume rendering of adaptive mesh refinement data

Boundary-structure-aware transfer functions for volume classification

Parallel particle-based volume rendering using adaptive particle size adjustment technique

SESSION: Graph drawing

Smooth animation of structure evolution in time-varying graphs with pattern matching

Optimal tree reordering for group-in-a-box graph layouts

Mobile situated analytics of ego-centric network data

Interactive design and visualization of N-ary relationships

SESSION: Volume visualization

Winding angle assisted particle tracing in distribution-based vector field

Pointwise information guided visual analysis of time-varying multi-fields

ISAVS: interactive scalable analysis and visualization system

Development of a visual analytics system for cell division dynamics in early C.elegans embryos