SA '17- SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Technical Briefs

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SESSION: Interaction

KidPen: a stroke-based method for kid-style sketches synthesis from photos

Interactive multi-style pen-and-ink drawings from images

Interactive shape modeling using leap motion controller

Simplifying game mechanics: gaze as an implicit interaction method

SESSION: Simulation and fabrication

A long-term semi-lagrangian method for accurate velocity advection

Example-based synthesis of turbulence by flow field style transfer

Computational design and fabrication of hanging structures

SESSION: Rendering

BRDF reconstruction from real object using reconstructed geometry of multi-view images

Light field blender: designing optics and rendering methods for see-through and aerial near-eye display

Foveated instant preview for progressive rendering

Deringing spherical harmonics

SESSION: Textures and color

Comicolorization: semi-automatic manga colorization

High-resolution multi-scale neural texture synthesis

Structure-guided texturing with embedded randomness

Auto-colorization of 3D models from images

SESSION: Images and displays

Removal of ghosting artefacts in HDRI using intensity scaling cue

Multi-video object synopsis integrating optimal view switching

Visual enhancement via reinforcement parameter learning for low backlighted display

GPU based techniques for deep image merging

SESSION: Methods and applications

Blue-noise optimized point sets based on procrustes analysis

Acquiring non-parametric scattering phase function from a single image

DCFont: an end-to-end deep chinese font generation system

Fast lossy compression of 3D unit vector sets

SESSION: Modeling

Exploring generative 3D shapes using autoencoder networks

SeamCut: interactive mesh segmentation for parameterization

Quasi-developable garment transfer for animals

Reconstruction using a simple triangle removal approach