SA '17- SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 VR Showcase

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SESSION: Presentations

Anatomy builder VR: comparative anatomy lab promoting spatial visualization through constructionist learning

ANEEME: synthesizing and sharing animation building blocks for rapid creation of 3D virtual scenes

BoEs: attachable haptics bits on gaming controller for designing interactive gameplay

Collaborative VR painting in web browsers

Dream makers

EXA episode 1: dimension 12

Light-tracing: ray-casted movement for improved character control in platform virtual reality gaming

Recursive function space: exploring meta-cognitive scenery via HMD

ReverseCAVE experience: providing reverse perspectives for sharing VR experience

Stretchar(m) makes your arms elastic

The blues

The golden guardian: multi-sensory immersive gaming through multi-sensory spatial cues

The planet cube: a full-dome/VR surreal short film

The simple formula: the augmented virtuality installation work for "breaking glass"

Virtual reality inspection and painting with measured BRDFs

Walking tour of cultural heritage sites