SIGGRAPH '16- ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Art Gallery

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SESSION: Art papers

Perceptual cells: James Turrell's vision machines between two paracinemas

Pulse Shape 22: audiovisual performance and data transmutation

Deletion process_only you can see my history: investigating digital privacy, digital oblivion, and control on personal data through an interactive art installation

Visual history with choson dynasty annals

Raised on YouTube: cultural data materialization using plants

SESSION: Data materialities art gallery

The kinetic story teller 2016

Submergence 2013

Plinko Poetry 2012

Grafikdemo 2004

Flower 2014

Metaphase sound machine 2015

Pixelbots 2014

Crime scene: installation for two computers 2003

Doors 2015

Facebook demetricator 2012-present