SIGGRAPH '16- ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Emerging Technologies

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AnyLight: an integral illumination device

Big Robot Mk.1A

Computational focus-tunable near-eye displays

DC expo: FOVE

Demo of Face2Face: real-time face capture and reenactment of RGB videos

Enjoy 360° vision with the FlyVIZ

FinGAR: combination of electrical and mechanical stimulation for high-fidelity tactile presentation

Graphical manipulation of human's walking direction with visual illusion

Guidance field: vector field for implicit guidance in virtual environments

HALUX: projection-based interactive skin for digital sports

HapticWave: directional surface vibrations using wave-field synthesis

HapTONE: haptic instrument for enriched musical play

Laplacian vision: augmenting motion prediction via optical see-through head-mounted displays and projectors

Layered telepresence: simultaneous multi presence experience using eye gaze based perceptual awareness blending

LiDARMAN: reprogramming reality with egocentric laser depth scanning

LightAir: a novel system for tangible communication with quadcopters using foot gestures and projected image

Perceptually-based foveated virtual reality

Phyxel: realistic display using physical objects with high-speed spatially pixelated lighting

Ratchair: furniture learns to move itself with vibration

Unlimited corridor: redirected walking techniques using visuo haptic interaction

VR technologies for rich sports experience

X-SectionScope: cross-section projection in light field clone image

Yadori: mask-type user interface for manipulation of puppets

ZoeMatrope: a system for physical material design

Zushiki light art: form finding and making through paper folding