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SESSION: Art & design

A study on 3D digital image applying oriental painting techniques

ARTTag: aesthetic fiducial markers based on circle pairs

Automatic generation of 3D typography

Body-part motion synthesis system for contemporary dance creation

Charcoal rendering and shading with reflections

Computational swept volume light painting via robotic non-linear motion

Escaping chair: furniture-shaped device art

Farewell to dawn: a mixed reality dance performance in a virtual space

From drawing to animation-ready vector graphics

Interaction with virtual shadow through real shadow using two projectors

An interactive system for original necklace design

Motion compensated automatic image compositing for GoPro videos

Multimodal augmentation of surfaces using conductive 3D printing

Realistic 3D projection mapping using polynomial texture maps

The form of sound through hybrid materials

Vintage VR: a method of processing 19th century stereoviews for display on 21st century VR systems

SESSION: Augmented and virtual realities

A modified wheatstone-style head-mounted display prototype for narrow field-of-view video see-through augmented reality

A tabletop stereoscopic 3DCG system with motion parallax for two users

Dynamic spatial augmented reality with a single IR camera

GazeSim: simulating foveated rendering using depth in eye gaze for VR

Graphical manipulation of human's walking direction with visual illusion

Haptic wheelchair

Immersive paleoart: reconstructing dreadnoughtus schrani and remediating the science documentary for cinematic virtual reality

Layered telepresence: simultaneous multi presence experience using eye gaze based perceptual awareness blending

Panorama image interpolation for real-time walkthrough

PlenoGap: panorama light field viewing for HMD with focusing on gazing point

Pseudo-softness evaluation in grasping a virtual object with a bare hand

PulmonaReality: transforming pediatric pulmonary function experience using virtual reality

RatCAVE: calibration of a projection virtual reality system

Real time 360° video stitching and streaming

Straightening walking path using redirected walking technique

Synesthesia suit: the full body immersive experience

ThirdEye: a coaxial feature tracking system for stereoscopic video see-through augmented reality

View interpolation for video see-through head-mounted display

VRCEMIG: a novel approach to power substation control


Adaptable game experience through procedural content generation and brain computer interface

Intuitive 3D flight gaming with tangible objects

Living the past: the use of VR to provide a historical experience


AXAA: adaptive approximate anti-aliasing

Interactive multi-scale oil paint filtering on mobile devices

Mobile virtual interior stylization from scale estimation

Optimized mobile rendering techniques based on local cubemaps

SESSION: Production

Automatic blend shape creation for facial motion capture

Automatic dance generation system considering sign language information

Bionic scope: wearable system for visual extension triggered by bioelectrical signal

Dynamic frame rate: a study on viewer perception of changes in frame rate within an animated movie sequence

Enhancement of 3D character animations through the use of automatically generated guidelines inspired by traditional art concepts

Enhancing character posing by a sketch-based interaction

Large-scale rapid-prototyping with zometool

Non-humanoid creature performance from human acting

OpenEXR/Id isolate any object with a perfect antialiasing

Physics-aided editing of simulation-ready muscles for visual effects

Towards real-time insect motion capture

SESSION: Research

3D facial geometry reconstruction using patch database

A data-driven BSDF framework

A fiber-level model for predictive cloth rendering

A method for realistic 3D projection mapping using multiple projectors

Adding visual details based on low-resolution energy cascade ratios for smoke simulation

An evaluation of the relationship between impression and the physical properties of human skin

Camera calibration by recovering projected centers of circle pairs

Coded skeleton: programmable bodies for shape changing user interfaces

Cross-field haptics: push-pull haptics combined with magnetic and electrostatic fields

Error-bounded surface remeshing with minimal angle elimination

Estimating lighting environments based on shadow area in an omni-directional image

Estimating skeleton from skin data for designing subject-specific knee braces

Example-based data optimization for facial simulation

Fast, accurate and sparse, automatic facade reconstruction from unstructured ground laser-scans

Guessing objects in context

Improving global exploration of MCMC light transport simulation

Intuitive editing of material appearance

Light field completion using focal stack propagation

Measuring microstructures using confocal laser scanning microscopy for estimating surface roughness

Model predictive control for robust art-directable fluids

Nonuniform depth distribution selection with discrete Fourier transform

Optimal LED selection for multispectral lighting reproduction

Parallel 3D printing based on skeletal remeshing

Quick, unconstrained, approximate l-shape method

Ray-traced diffusion points

Real-time 3D face super-resolution from monocular in-the-wild videos

Real-time 3D rendering using depth-based geometry reconstruction and view-dependent texture mapping

Real-time collection and analysis of 3-Kinect v2 skeleton data in a single application

Real-time rendering of high-quality effects using multi-frame sampling

Relation-based parametrization and exploration of shape collections

Rusting and corroding simulation taking into account chemical reaction processes

Sculpting fluids: a new and intuitive approach to art-directable fluids

Suggestive painterly style image generation system to satisfy user preferences

Combining multiple flow fields for editing existing fluid animations

Texture map generation for large-scale 3D reconstructed scenes

The need for interdisciplinary undergraduate research

Video reshuffling: automatic video dubbing without prior knowledge

VisLoiter: a system to visualize loiterers discovered from surveillance videos