Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: Too hot to handle

Wham!: building Deadpool's freeway chase

Delivering doomsday the meteor FX of ice age: collision course

Directed volcano getting the most out of your simulations

SESSION: Van Gogh would be proud

Digital painting classroom: learning oil painting using a tablet

Painting with turbulence

Loving vincent: guiding painters through 64.000 frames

SESSION: Get in shape

AutoSpline: animation controls only when and where you need them

SuperD: SubD modeling without subdivision

Physical mesh data structures

Mesh colors with hardware texture filtering

SESSION: Life is shorts

The making of inner workings

Creating PIPER: pixar's latest short film

SESSION: Dark hides the light

HFTS: hybrid frustum-traced shadows in "the division"

Sparse shadow tree

LightCraft: extract light position and information from on-set photography

Rendering fast & furious: supercharged in stereo for a 400ft curved screen

Luma HDRv: an open source high dynamic range video codec optimized by large-scale testing

SESSION: Dancing trees

Art-directable procedural vegetation in disney's zootopia

Vegetation choreography in the good dinosaur

Can't see the jungle for the trees

The trees of The Jungle Book

SESSION: Angry - effects salad

Sea surface visualization in world of warships

Visual effects of Final Fantasy XV: concept, environment and implementation

The effects of The Jungle Book

Delicious looking ice cream effects with non-simulation approaches

SESSION: Face off

ILM facial performance capture

Kung Fu Panda 3: mandarin lip-sync reanimation process and pipeline

Shape analysis driven surface correction

As-rigid-as-possible deformation transfer for facial animation

Warping with accumulated motion vectors

SESSION: Icing on the cake

HairCraft: spells and incantations for digital hair

Artist friendly level-of-detail in a fur-filled world

Pyramid coordinates for deformation with collision handling

Flesh, flab, and fascia simulation on zootopia

SESSION: Roll the dice

Blue-noise dithered sampling

Cache-friendly micro-jittered sampling

Stochastic layered alpha blending

Quantum supersampling

SESSION: A tall drink of water

Lapping water effects in Piper

Simulating rivers in the good dinosaur

Spatially adaptive FLIP fluid simulations in bifrost

Inside houdini's distributed solver system

SESSION: Building character

Designing an interaction with an octopus

Warcraft's durotan: hero, complex

Character workflow of Final Fantasy XV

A flexible rigging framework for VFX and feature animation

SESSION: Brain & Brawn

Final fantasy XV: pulse and traction of characters

Rendering techniques of final fantasy XV

SESSION: Bouncing around

Practical and controllable subsurface scattering for production path tracing

Circle tracing for subsurface scattering

Differential appearance editing for measured BRDFs

Embree ray tracing kernels: overview and new features

SESSION: Playing god

Constructing the underwater world of Finding Dory

Procedural terrains on Pixar's The Good Dinosaur

Environment workflow of Final Fantasy XV

SESSION: It's crowded in here!

MURE: fast agent based crowd simulation for VFX and Animation

Warcraft: raising a horde

The Jungle Book: management, caching and preview of many animals

Zootopia crowd pipeline

SESSION: Invited session

The technical art of uncharted 4

SESSION: The 7 deadly sims

Finding hank: or how to sim an octopus

Finding particulate in Finding Dory

Volume modeling techniques in The Good Dinosaur

Making a dinosaur seem small: cloudscapes in The Good Dinosaur

SESSION: Invited session

The making of "the little prince"

SESSION: Scratching the surface

Estimating local Beckmann roughness for complex BSDFs

A practical stochastic algorithm for rendering mirror-like flakes

Practical analytic 2D signed distance field generation

GI next: global illumination for production rendering on GPUs

SESSION: Organic farming

Rapid, high quality dailies with RenderFlow for The Jungle Book

Coda: the cultural effects of queueing at Disney animation

A fully cloud-based global visual effects studio

MapD: a GPU-powered big data analytics and visualization platform

SESSION: Experience presentations: artistic VR techniques

Illustrating in VR with quill: how to approach volumetric painting

Bound: modern art gaming in VR

SESSION: Experience presentations: creature creation

Shading Dory's new friends

A versatile skin material for "The Good Dinosaur"

SESSION: Experience presentations: the art & science of immersion

Bringing Google earth to virtual reality

Rendering challenges in quill: a VR sketching tool

Qt 3D: a data-driven renderer for mortals

SESSION: Experience presentations: make it so

Making: an interdisciplinary assistive technology project

MiragePrinter: interactive fabrication on a 3D printer with a mid-air display

The hive: a human and robot collaborative building process

SKUID: sketching dynamic drawings using the principles of 2D animation

SESSION: Experience presentations: production for VR

"Kanju": integrating HCI to tell better stories in immersive environments

Jungle book "through Mowgli's eyes - kaa virtual reality experience"

SESSION: Experience presentations: smart cities

Hyperlocal information landscapes: how materialism of information can shift physical urban experiences

Have we found the key to the smart community?

SESSION: Experience presentations: emerging technologies experience presentations

SESSION: Agents of change: creation of VR for health and social gain

Voxel bay: VR as a distraction for pediatric pain