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Aquarium earth

Create, experience, and share your virtual reality and augmented reality content

Garden: a mixed reality experience

How VR technology will transform healthcare

Imago: presence and emotion in virtual reality

Immersive and interactive procedure training simulator for high risk power line maintenance

Inner activity

Injustice: interactive live action virtual reality experience

Invasion!: exploring empathy and agency in VR

IRIDiuM: immersive rendered interactive deep media

Longing for wilderness

MechVR: interactive VR motion simulation of "Mech" biped robot

OoEs: playing in the immersive game with augmented haptics

Parallel eyes: exploring human capability and behaviors with paralleled first person view sharing



Storytelling in VR: light chaser's VR short film sent

Synesthesia suit: the full body immersive experience

The making of pearl, a 360° google spotlight story

U2 song for someone

VR model to explore archaeological sites in a non-destructive way

VR planet: interface for meta-view and feet interaction of VR contents