SA '16- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 VR Showcase

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Viblock: block-shaped content manipulation in VR

Be closer as you being there: HMD-based social interaction system

Real-time facial tracking in virtual reality

The battle for hearts and minds: interrogation and torture in the age of war: an adaptation for oculus rift

Tunable, a VR reconstruction of "Listening to a Guqin" from emperor Zhao Ji

Interactive virtual reality animation STRAY SHEEP

Real-time diagnostic data in multi-user virtual reality post-stroke therapy



Journey to the centre of the cell (JTCC): a 3D VR experience derived from migratory breast cancer cell image data

Robo recall

Rectifeye: a vision-correcting system for virtual reality

A novel dexterous instrument tracking system for augmented reality cataract surgery training system

How oculus story studio created an immersive illustrated story