SA '16- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Computer Animation Festival

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: Animation theater

Elemental (Germany)

Irminsul [mp4] (France)

Chimère [mp4] (France)

Pirate Smooch (Germany)

KNOB [mp4] (USA)

Again [mp4] (USA)

The Moment [mp4] (USA)

Assassin's Creed - Jack the Ripper [mp4] (France)

STRANGE ALLOY [mp4] (France)

Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter [mp4] (France)

Organic Machines / Title Sequence [mp4] (China)

Korser [mp4] (France)

The White Masks [mp4] (USA)

Red Star's Collapse [mp4] (Belgium)

Mafia III [mp4] (USA)

The Last Tree [mp4] (Malaysia)

Candy Contraband [mp4] (USA)

SpellBound [mp4] (USA)

Apocayptos [mp4] (France)

Ama [mp4] (France)

CATCH IT (France)

Ataraxya [mp4] (France)

Amour Fou (Germany)

Traces Of My Brother [mp4] (France)

Papa [mp4] (USA)

Final Fantasy XV Trailer [mp4] (Hungary)

Kado : The Right Answer [mp4] (Japan)

Watch Dogs 2 [mp4] (Poland)

O [mp4] (USA)

For Honor [mp4] (Poland)

D'Ombres & D'Ailes... (France)

Last Shot [mp4] (USA)

Quenottes (Pearlies) [mp4] (Luxembourg)

Deer Flower (South Korea)

In Other Words [mp4] (Israel)

Tom Clancy's The Division Yesterday [mp4] (France)

What They Believe (Germany)

MOOM (Japan)

Water Lily [mp4] (France)

14 [mp4] (France)

Anna [mp4] (France)

Rose Bleue [mp4] (France)

Entre Les Lignes [mp4] (France)

Nordic Game Awards 2016 - Breaker Films [mp4] (Denmark)

Prius Global Launch Video [mp4] (Australia)

SESSION: Electronic theater

ZZZEN [mp4] (France)

Ocean Oddity [mp4] (France)

Chateau de Sable (France)

Robotherapy [mp4] (France)

Schirkoa [mp4] (India)

Invisible [mp4] (USA)

Baggage Man [mp4] (Germany)

BreakingPoint (Germany)

Graveland [mp4] (France)

The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse (France)

For Honor Trailer [mp4] (France)

Accidents, Blunders And Calamities [mp4] (New Zealand)

Child (Germany)

Mezcaliente (France)

Crabe Phare [mp4] (France)

The Human Cell [mp4] (Australia)

The Tiger; An Old Hunter's Tale [mp4] (South Korea)

Borrowed Time [mp4] (USA)

SESSION: Computer animation festival - panel & production sessions

"Re-shade this!": production focus on changes to character shading pipeline in pixar's 'finding dory'

Creating cute characters in "Finding Dory": baby Dory and Destiny