SA '16- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Courses

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Geometric deep learning

Modeling behaviour for social robots and virtual humans

How to write a SIGGRAPH paper: a guide to choosing a good research topic, doing the research, and writing it up

Data-driven shape analysis and processing

Capturing and representing brdfs for virtual reality

Computational diffractive sensing and imaging: using optics for computation & computation for optics

Story structure for programmers, designers, animators, and artists

SIGGRAPH Asia 2016: course notes directions in shape analysis towards functionality

Computing and processing correspondences with functional maps

Course notes rotational symmetries on surfaces: theory, algorithms, and applications

Modern techniques and applications for real-time non-rigid registration

Cage-based performance capture

Discrete computational mechanics for stiff phenomena

OpenVX: a framework for accelerating computer vision

Directional field synthesis, design, and processing

Sorting in space: multidimensional data structures for computer graphics and vision applications

Possibilities and challenges with eye tracking in video games and virtual reality applications

Sketch-based modeling

Hands-on: rapid interactive application prototyping for media arts and stage production