SA '16- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Emerging Technologies

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Coded skeleton: programmable deformation behaviour for shape changing interfaces

Phygital field: an integrated field with a swarm of physical robots and digital images

Vibroplay: authoring three-dimensional spatial-temporal tactile effects with direct manipulation

HapticAid: wearable haptic augmentation system for enhanced, enchanted and empathised haptic experiences

Towards VR and AR: 360° light field display with mid-air interaction

Bottomless joystick

Emotion hacking VR (EH-VR): amplifying scary VR experience by accelerating real heart rate using false vibrotactile biofeedback

EV-pen: an electrovibration haptic feedback pen for touchscreens

Gushed light field: design method for aerosol-based fog display

Reality forge: interactive dynamic multi-projection mapping

Coded facial expression

Skyanchor: no latency anchoring of mid-air images onto real objects

Cross-field haptics: tactile device combined with magnetic and electrostatic fields for push-pull haptics

Stylus assistant: designing dynamic constraints for facilitating stylus inputs on portable displays

Pinscreen: 3D avatar from a single image