SA '16- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: Images and GPUs

Mobile reconstruction and exploration of indoor structures exploiting omnidirectional images

Interactive image filtering with multiple levels-of-control on mobile devices

Adaptive multi-rate ray sampling on mobile ray tracing GPU

SESSION: Interactive applications

Medical learning murmurs simulation with mobile audible augmented reality

Efficient remote image-based situational queries through mobile devices

Animato: 2D shape deformation and animation on mobile devices

SESSION: Applied visualization

Crowd visualization on low bandwidth mobile devices based on video analysis

An oriented point-cloud view for MR remote collaboration

Augmented reality annotation for social video sharing

SESSION: User input

Back-Mirror: back-of-device one-handed interaction on smartphones

ubiGaze: ubiquitous augmented reality messaging using gaze gestures


A safe low-cost HMD for underwater VR experiences

Becasso: artistic image processing and editing on mobile devices

Fingertip and card recognition mobile app for interactive play

InspectAR: unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with augmented reality (AR) technology

iPTAM on mobile phone

Mobile AR live annotation for printed materials

Mobile audible AR experience for medical learning murmurs simulation

Smartphone rigging with GUI control emulation for freeware rapid prototyping of mixed virtuality scenes

Therenow: what is happening over there, right now?

Tipix: an interactive application makes you artistic and happy

Use of tangible learning in stem education

Visualization technologies for sharing visit experiences