SA '16- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Posters

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SESSION: Animation

An authoring framework for time dependent crowd simulation

Rapid DCT-based LipSync generation algorithm for game making

Does action have to relate to speech?

SESSION: Hardware

Virtual ski jump: illusion of slide down the slope and gliding

Crowdsensing traces visualization in bluetooth beacon-based sensor network using wearable device

Groveling on the wall: interactive VR attraction using gravity illusion

Leaked light field from everyday material: designing material property remained light-field display

Rectifeye: a vision-correcting system for virtual reality

Antigravity and following VR, AR & MR system for spatial interaction

SESSION: Imaging and video

Atomic stretch: optimally bounded real-time stretching and beyond

Profile recognition based on co-training

A simple de-ghosting algorithm for HDRI

Four-plane depth-fused 3D display using single flat panel display

Continuous zoom with two fixed-focal-length lens

Hallucination from noon to night images using CNN

Effective underexposed video enhancement via optimal fusion

SESSION: Interaction

Intuitive control for moving drones

Virtual ISU: locomotion interface for immersive VR experience in seated position (1)

An AR system on manipulating a virtual object with a bare hand

Stick and roll: a physical interactive system using curved displays and rolling batons

Plant feedback on environmental changes and human interactions

SESSION: Methods and applications

Maximal poisson-disk sampling via sampling radius optimization

RoboDLP: large object 3D printing using robotic arm

Field of view extension for augmented reality on binocular optical see-through head-mounted displays

Optimal character composing for Chinese calligraphic artwork

Gushed light field: design method for aerosol-based fog display

Human coded orchestra: a system for extemporary group singing performance

Instruction for paper-cutting: a system for learning experts' knife pressure

A detachable mortise-tenon structure in 3D cubic style modeling system

Cube art

Obtuse triangle removal for 2D mesh generation

2.5D stylized application using anisotropic reaction-diffusion

Region of interest (ROI) based 3D inpainting

Data-driven method for sketch-based 3D shape retrieval based on user similar draw-style recommendation

Syringe-worked mermaid: computational fabrication and stabilization method for cartesian diver

Educational contents for kids' app. based on Henri-Matisse's cut-out works

Stimulated percussions: techniques for controlling human as percussive musical instrument by using electrical muscle stimulation

Volumetric spatial transformer network for object recognition

SESSION: Modeling

Reduced illumination patterns for acquisition of specular and diffuse normal maps

3D stencil face relievo making system

3-D crystal with a curved surface projecting multiple 2-D images

SESSION: Multimedia

Magic pencil: generalized sketch inversion via generative adversarial nets

SESSION: Rendering

Adaptive direct illumination sampling

Simple half frame forwarding (HFF-S): frame-rate up conversion for tiled rendering GPU

Efficient asynchronous BVH reconstruction with vertex prediction

Effective stereoscopic rendering for mobile VR

Cost-effective frame rate control for mobile GPUs

SESSION: Virtual environments

Free-viewpoint photometric compensation

An AR-based safety training assistant in disaster for children

SESSION: Visualization

Visualizations of perceptually relevant light parameters

Content enhanced word art with depth perception

3D visualization of aurora considering the physical characteristics

An attempt in modeling Picasso's cubism style