SA '16- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Symposium on Visualization

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SESSION: Multivariate data, sequences and shapes

Privacy preserving event sequence data visualization using a Sankey diagram-like representation

Visual exploration of multiway dependencies in multivariate data

Visualizing the central tendency of ensembles of shapes

SESSION: Visual analytics

A visual analytics design for studying crowd movement rhythms from public transportation data

A discrete morse-based approach to multivariate data analysis

Hexagonal gridded maps and information layers: a novel approach for the exploration and analysis of retail data

SESSION: Volume rendering

Real-time performance prediction and tuning for interactive volume raycasting

Volume rendering dark matter simulations using cell projection and order-independent transparency

Evaluating the perception of semi-transparent structures in direct volume rendering techniques

SESSION: Video & presentation

VideoForest: interactive visual summarization of video streams based on danmu data

Animated narrative visualization for video clickstream data

HoloStation: augmented visualization and presentation

SESSION: Vectors & tensors

A surrogate visualization model using the tensor train format

Peeling the flow: a sketch-based interface to generate stream surfaces

FluxE: exploring flux in astrophysical simulations

Deferred vector map visualization