SA '16- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Technical Briefs

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SESSION: Deformation and simulation

Anisotropic surface based deformation

Smoothly deformable spheres: modeling, deformation, and interaction

Semantically-aware blendshape rigs from facial performance measurements

A combining method of fluid animations by interpolating flow fields

Physics based boiling bubble simulation

SESSION: Rendering

Z2 traversal order for VR stereo rendering on tile-based mobile GPUs

Efficient surface diffraction renderings with Chebyshev approximations

Multi bounding volume hierarchies for ray tracing pipelines

Neural network ambient occlusion

View-space meta-ball approximation by depth-independent accumulative fields

SESSION: Style transfer and learning

Lighting transfer across multiple views through local color transforms

Automatic generation of large-scale handwriting fonts via style learning

Deep patch-wise colorization model for grayscale images

Face texture synthesis from multiple images via sparse and dense correspondence

Blending texture features from multiple reference images for style transfer

SESSION: Geometry and shape analysis

Construction and visualization of branched covering spaces

Rendering kaleidoscopic scenes using orbifold theory

Tensor field design in volumes

Quantitative analysis of saliency models

Horizon measures: a novel view-independent shape descriptor

SESSION: Display and scene analysis

Stray-light compensation in dynamic projection mapping

Joint depth map interpolation and segmentation with planar surface model

A low cost holographic display

Display tracking using blended images with unknown mixing ratio as a template

Video stitching for handheld inputs via combined video stabilization

SESSION: Sketch-based interface and user interaction

A multi-level sketch-based interface for decorative pattern exploration

Hand-posture-augmented multitouch interactions for exploratory visualization

Model-driven sketch reconstruction with structure-oriented retrieval

SESSION: System design and applications

VPET: a toolset for collaborative virtual filmmaking

Rigging the oceans of Disney's "Moana"

System for matching paintings with music based on emotions